Fall 2009 Update

Philippines Translation Report
Matigsalug People
How Shall They Hear
As the team translates the Scriptures in
Matigsalug, they don’t neglect the people’s
oral traditions. Until the last ten or fifteen
years, all Matigsalug stories were passed
down orally from generation to generation.
So in 2006 the team began to record the
translated Scriptures and original Matigsalug
songs in audio format. After that, the Scriptures
and songs began to be recorded and
distributed to the remote areas having no
electricity. People heard God’s Word through
Scripture dramatization, preaching, songs and
storytelling using handy manual players.
Recently the local Scripture reviewers’
committee was asked to evaluate how people
were responding to the recorded materials.
One pastor on the committee said that
sometimes they played the recording in the
church service while everyone was listening
and then he would expound on it afterwards.
Children and adults alike enjoy and are
blessed while listening to the Christian songs
and dramatized Scriptures,” he said. “Even
drunkards in the villages are singing the
songs,” he added. The team hadn’t expected
that kind of response! Maybe God will use it
to reach their hearts.

Daily Golden Verse

Psalms 119:105

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, And light unto my path.

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